The Infant Optical technologies DXR-8 certainly is the only keep an eye on with compatible optical contact lens, and using a 700 base line of view range (range decreases between walls and floors). There is three contact lens types available including typical, wide angle (sold separately), and two times optical zoom lens which should be manually placed into the camcorder. This allows for your greater selection of focal length and viewing for different settings. This keep an eye on offers online video media streaming instantly to the parent or guardian unit that features a 3. 5 inch LCD color screen. The screen also has white and black night eye-sight obtained from 8 automatic infrared LEDs. The DXR-8 gives remote accurate camera pan/tilt, talk to baby feature, and baby place temperature f├╝hler. Parent device has a audio activated LED feature that shows crying and moping even when the volume is down. It also control buttons the pan and tilt element for intact viewing choices, and it will keep going 10 hours in ability save method and up to 6 in full work with. The parent unit can be employed with approximately 4 camcorders (sold separately) in a quad view, or maybe scanning choice that changes between cameras every 12 seconds for continued monitoring. This unit comes with cord chargers to work with with AC adapter as well as USB, video camera, parent system, rechargeable battery packs, zoom lens, and 1 year guarantee.


Infant Optics DXR 8 Video Baby Monitor has the ideal indoor range in our testing for the dedicated tracks. It works pretty well up to 80 feet and 5 walls. The following tied along with the Motorola MBP36 which has a related range, which has a slightly stronger signal following the 5th structure than the Optical technologies. The shortest range with this review is the Foscam FBM3501 that only worked up to about 55 ft and through 3 walls. The average collection for the dedicated monitors is closer to 62 ft and 5 walls and so the Optics actually did possess a range compared to the others inside our review.

Stereo / Vision

While a few of the products in our review towards the top of high in properly low for video top quality, this product arranged itself aside by doing only the opposite. The Optics handled a fairly large score pertaining to video (compared to the competition), but it really fought in the sound department (rare for this review). We really think that a video monitor should have decent video or go home, but that doesn't mean they can escape with giving poor sound.

It has a upper limit decibel level of 100 decible, but the sound itself is a little muffled and seems to be missing the midrange tones. Furthermore, it doesn't often have any kind of sound tenderness adjustment or maybe good sound activation, because the parent unit continues to generate sound despite the presence of the noises in baby room below 45db. The display screen will fit in sleep setting, but the audio never changes off, which can be something that may well be a problem meant for lighter sleepers.